AAP 2021 - Postdoctorants

AAP 2021 - Postdoctorants

Liste principale

1 - MIC-Au : Emergence of Mesoionic Carbenes for the Stabilization of Gold Nanoparticles 

Clément Chauvier, LCMCP (porteur : Louis Fensterbank, IPCM)

The objective of the MIC-Au research project is to study mesoionic carbenes (MICs), a so far unexplored class of ligands for gold nanoparticles (Au NPs). MICs based on the 1,2,3- triazolydene skeleton appear as ideal surface capping ligands for two reasons: 1/ their synthesis relies on the versatile alkyne-azide click reaction that ensures high modularity for the grafted molecules; 2/ because MICs are more -donor than NHCs, a stronger coordination resulting in higher stabilities of the Au NPs is expected

2- SOCRATE : Seeing electrOCatalysis at woRk with time-resolved electrochemicAl Tip-SERS

Laure Fillaud, LISE, Yvan Lucas, LISE (porteur : Emmanuel Maisonhaute, LISE)

We aim at implementing novel spectroelectrochemical approaches to understand electrocatalyst/substrate interactions as a function of potential. We will first introduce a temporal resolution in electrochemical tip-surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy to retrieve vibrational information. The second one concerns XPS spectroscopy to obtain binding energy and oxidation state. Model systems are concerned here, and then the approaches will be proposed to the ISIM community.

3- SiNapSES : Silk based Nanocomposites SERS Sensors for Detection of Organic Pollutants

Erwann Guénin, TIMR-UTC, Aline Percot, MONARIS, Jessem Landoulsi, LRS

This project aims at developing nanoparticle embedded silk scaffolds that will allow for the detection of pollutants in water or air. Silk fibroin hydrogels, foams or electrospun filters containing well dispersed plasmonic nanoparticles will be produced. Owing to their ability to highly concentrate organic pollutants they will be used for in situ detection by Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering and depollution.