Lauréats de l'AAP 2020 - Postdoctorants

AAP 2020 - Postdoct

1- MoCoAstrE : Molecular Complexity in Astrophysical Environments: Genesis of Complex Organic Molecules From Interstellar Dusts to Planetary Atmospheres

Lahouari Krim, MONARIS (porteur :Alexis Markovits, LCT)

2- Cyclo-Cryo :  Structure determination of an artificial virus made of self-assembling cyclodextrin and dsDNA by cryo-EM

Catherine Venien, IMPMC (Porteur : Matthieu Sollogoub, IPCM)

In a preliminary work an assembly made by mixing cyclodextrins and DNA was obtained. Such artificial construct resembles natural assemblies such as viruses. Our goal is to obtain a high-resolution 3D structure of the complex by cryo-electron microscopy using state-of-the art image analysis and modeling techniques developed by our group.