Lauréats de l'AAP 2020 - Doctorants

AAP 2020 - Doctorants

1 - Design and pharmacological evaluation of neuropsin inhibitors as therapeutics and potential diagnosis tools for Alzheimer’s Disease and associated dementias

Chahrazade El Amri, IBPS (porteur : Candice Botuha, IPCM)

Our project aims at designing and identifying the first organic inhibitors of Kallikrein-8 (KLK-8, also called neuropsin), a tryptic serine protease emerging biomarker for diagnosis of Alzheimer disease (AD) at early stage. We hope to demonstrate that inhibition of KLK-8 would reduce clinical features of AD and to get more insight into the role of KLK-8 in AD for the development of new therapeutics and/or activity-based probes for early diagnosis.


Lepetit Franck, LERMA (porteur : Xavier Michaut, LERMA)